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WRRAP helps bridge the financial gap for poor and disadvantaged women who seek an abortion or emergency contraceptives. Here’s how we work and how to locate a clinic.


Options, Not Judgments

An unintended pregnancy can cause a woman to feel alone with nowhere to turn – whether due to lack of funds; lack of support from family, friends or a spouse; cultural taboos; or other factors that can make a bad situation worse.

WRRAP is dedicated to providing safe options to women in crisis, so they are not forced to make decisions against their will or resort to dangerous alternatives such as back-alley abortions or drugs purchased over the internet.


If You Are a Woman Seeking Help or Services

Please visit the following links to locate the clinic nearest to you:

National Abortion Federation (NAF)

Planned Parenthood

Please Note:  WRRAP provides financial assistance only via our pre-approved, qualified medical clinics, in order to help poor and disadvantaged women gain access to safe, legal abortion care and emergency contraceptives. WRRAP is not an abortion provider and does not send funds directly to patients. If you are in need of financial assistance for a procedure, please contact a reproductive health care provider or women’s clinic to discuss the options and resources for obtaining a safe, affordable procedure.


Attention Clinics

If you wish to register with WRRAP as an approved health care provider or clinic, please send us an email.

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