Disabled and Living On My Own

rainbow on street“I am 25 years of age and single. I am disabled and living on my own, without the support of a family. Because of my medical issues, I came to the conclusion of terminating the pregnancy. I am not with the father of the pregnancy. It is hard paying for my rent and other necessities. I’m just in a very stressful situation in my life right now. Thank you for the funds.”

– Thankful woman at Buffalo Women’s Services

Medicare Is Not Enough

bikes“I am 24 and employed full time, but I do not make enough money so I have Medicare, but it will not pay for my procedure. Medicare is not enough. I am with my partner and we planned on having this baby until we found out that the baby has a fetal abnormality. I have no choice but to terminate.”

– Woman at Buffalo Women’s Services

Your Program Has Touched My Heart

graffiti hands and heart“Dear WRRAP — I am a single mother of four and I am in a really bad state in life right now. I just lost my mother to lung cancer and I am currently homeless. I feel alone! But your program has touched my heart and showed me you care about my circumstances. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

– Grateful woman at the Parkmed Clinic

Struggling To Provide

thoughtful woman“Dear WRRAP — Thank you for your help. The father is not employed and is not responsible for our other children. We are living in an unstable living situation, living here and there. I plan on going back to college this January and cannot have more children to struggle to provide for.”

– Woman at Meadowbrook Women’s Clinic

Needing To Start Cancer Treatments

hope graffiti“Dear WRRAP — I found myself pregnant and needing to start cancer treatments. Thank you so much for the help. I am now able to start my treatments at the Markey Cancer Center.”

– A soon-to-be cancer survivor at the Women’s Med Center

Screening Showed Fatal Birth Defect

tree and blue sky“Dear WRRAP — Thank you for everything! Me and my husband were ready to start a family with a new baby on the way, but when we went to see whether the baby is a boy or a girl, we found out that the baby had a fatal birth defect — he or she had no kidneys and would not live outside of the womb. So we were forced to deal with a big, big, big emotional and financial crises. Then we were told about WRRAP. Thank you from me and my husband.”

– From the Women’s Med Center

Unemployed and Struggling

leaf on street“Dear WRRAP — I am 26 years old and have two healthy children, ages 5 and 6. My husband had left us and I lost my job, at the same time. I am currently on food stamps. Thank you for your help.”

– Thankful woman at the Women’s Med Center

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