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I Knew There Was Something Wrong

“I am a 35 year old mother of four girls. I found out I was pregnant while on vacation, and was so excited, my husband and I were thrilled at the thought of another baby. When I went to my ultrasound, they referred me to a Level II sonogram. I knew there was something wrong, […]


Medicare Is Not Enough

“I am 24 and employed full time, but I do not make enough money so I have Medicare, but it will not pay for my procedure. Medicare is not enough. I am with my partner and we planned on having this baby until we found out that the baby has a fetal abnormality. I have no choice […]

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Screening Showed Fatal Birth Defect

“Dear WRRAP — Thank you for everything! Me and my husband were ready to start a family with a new baby on the way, but when we went to see whether the baby is a boy or a girl, we found out that the baby had a fatal birth defect — he or she had no […]


Baby Did Not Have a Heartbeat

“Dear WRRAP — When I was in for a checkup, the doctor told me my baby did not have a heartbeat. Due to serious complications with two previous pregnancies, I was told that having a procedure was critical to my health. This came unexpectedly and money from my last paycheck was gone after paying rent, […]

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