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Rape Resulting in Pregnancy

“I was sexually assaulted on campus and that resulted in a pregnancy. Thank you for your help.” – College student at the Philadelphia Women’s Center

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Can Now Continue With College

“This has really helped me out because I am a college student and I am low on funds and it is very hard finding a summer job. I did not know what I was going to do. With your help, I am able to move forward and continue school and live out my goals in life. Thank […]

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Struggling To Provide

“Dear WRRAP — Thank you for your help. The father is not employed and is not responsible for our other children. We are living in an unstable living situation, living here and there. I plan on going back to college this January and cannot have more children to struggle to provide for.” – Woman at […]


Second Chances

“Dear WRRAP — I would like to thank you for the funding of my procedure. I am grateful for second chances. It gives me the chance to finish school and find permanent residency.” – Student at Cherry Hill Women’s Center

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Adoption Is a Difficult Choice

“I am a college student who currently does not work and I got pregnant even though I was using birth control. I do not have support from my family or my partner, and I don’t feel that I am financially or emotionally stable enough to raise a child the way I would want to. I also wouldn’t […]

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